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SUP: everything you need to know about this sport
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What is SUP?

With its contemporary origins in Hawaii, SUP is an acronym for “stand up paddle boarding” and it is one of the fastest growing water sports for good reason.

Benefits of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)

 The health benefits of paddle boarding are tremendous:

  1. It’s accessible and so easy: stand-up paddle boarding has moved away from just a fancy beachside resort sport to a lifestyle activity that you can do anywhere you can find a body of water. As one of the most popular outdoor sporting activity for beginners in the US, most beginners take about an hour to take the first steps.

  2. It’s healthy: stand-up paddle boarding is an excellent form of fitness and a total body workout because it targets every muscle group in your body.

  3. It’s relaxing and stress relieving: being out on the water is calming and engaging with nature can have a positive effect on your mental health and attitude.

  4. It’s fun: gliding through the water in the company of some friends and loved ones could be so much fun.

  5. It’s versatile: you can do stand-up paddling in any body of water whether it is the ocean, lake, river or even in a pool.

SUP boards

Stand up paddle boarding is fundamentally standing on a surfboard and using a paddle to propel yourself. But finding the right board can be a little bit tricky because not all boards are created equal. Look for something that fits your body and experience level. But don’t look too far, Bestway’s Inflatable SUPs are here.

Bestway Oceana Tech Hydro-Force inflatable sup board is impeccably designed with an optimized shape and high thickness that ensure stability and safety. It has an anti-slip pad, elastic cord for extra space and repair kit for continued maintenance. Another inflatable paddle board is the Fastblast Tech Hydro-Force which is most ideal for competitions, fast tourism and medium to long-haul cruises. It is long, fast and stable with practical bridge handle to easily lift and carry the SUP. If lightness and exceptional maneuverability is your thing, then paddle on the Aqua Journey Hydro-Force. This board is ideal for calm or slightly choppy waters.

So, whatever your preference is for a stand-up paddle, your best bet is Bestway!