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The World Cup is coming to your garden & home!
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Whether or not you are a football fan, the World Cup always attracts the world’s attention and captures the imagination of millions across the world. It doesn’t matter whether your team is playing in the World Cup or not, the World Cup creates a frenzy that puts football at the centre of the world for a month!

If you want to feel like Cristiano Ronaldo or want your kids to train so that they can become the next Messi in the comfort of your own garden, why not try our inflatable goal? The Soccer Splash Set is built in sturdy pre-tested vinyl so it can handle even the hardest shots on goal. Its two water chambers on both sides provide extra stability and to keep the goal in place. The box includes one soccer ball and two handy sprayers on both sides of the goal to keep them cool while playing.
So, what are you waiting for? Make your garden the next Lužniki Stadium!

If you want to enjoy the lows and highs of the World Cup indoors and from the comfort of your own home, you should try the Up, In & Over™ soccer ball chair. Relaxing and safe thanks to its built-in safety valves, sturdy pre-tested vinyl and heavy-duty repair patch; celebrate every goal in complete safety and comfort.

So, whether you like to play football and entertain your friends and family with a football match in your garden or you simply want to watch the matches in the comfort of your own living room, Bestway has what you need!