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An inflatable Spa: a romantic Saint Valentine's gift for you and your better half
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February has just started and Saint Valentine’s day is approaching… What better time to celebrate love than now? And what better gift to share with your loved one than a Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub! But which one should you buy?

One of the popular questions frequently asked is: “What is the difference among AirJet, HydroJet Pro and Hydrojet models?”. So, here is a guide!


The AirJet emits a mass of bubbles that soothes your body and relaxes your mind. At the push of the Lay-Z-Massage button on the control panel, you’re wrapped up in a warm and therapeutic embrace of bubble jets, emanating from the floor perimeter of the spa that bubbles you back to life.

HydroJet Pro

When AirJets meets HydroJets, what you have is the culmination of effervescent enjoyment and ultimate spa relaxation! The AirJet discharges torrents of air bubbles that has a calming and revitalizing effect, with bubbles coming from the floor perimeter of the spa. The HydroJet system delivers a powerful, water jet massage experience. You have the luxury of Selecting only the AirJet, or just the HydroJet, or both at the same time. With HydroJet Pro, you call the shots like a boss.


If what you need is an intense and intimate massage experience, then HydroJet model is your best bet. Premium water jets are built into the sides of the spa walls, and then, you can pivot the nozzle to direct the jets to wherever you like, offering you complete control over your massage.