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5 essential things to bring with you on a long flight
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Traveling to exotic destinations is always fun, but sometimes the long-haul flight required to get there can be long, boring and tiresome. Here there are some tips on how to enjoy the flight and reach your destination slightly more rested and relaxed.

On all long-haul flights there will be movies to watch, but if you don’t want to leave the entertainment choice to the airline, the best recommendation is to take a tablet or a laptop and use your own headphones to enjoy the movies or videos you like. Of course no battery has been designed to last for 12 or 14 hours, so it is always best to bring with you a USB charger so that you can keep watching your favourite videos.

If you are travelling during daytime hours and you are wide awake, a good book is always the best company, maybe while watching sunrise somewhere around the globe. However, if flying makes you sleepy, regardless of the time of day, an eye mask will help you avoid the light and some earplugs will also help you block the noise of engines and fellow passengers too.

The seat on planes are never too comfortable, so if you want to reach your destination a bit fresher, the travel pillow with its comfortable flocked surface will help you rest your neck during short and long haul flights.