Hydro-Force™ 11'2" x 35" x 6"/3.40m x 89cm x 15cm Panorama Set

The Hydro-Force™ Panorama™ Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Set is ready for action! With a built-in window, this paddleboard provides a unique experience on the water. You can see through to the water below, and gaze at the fish and other aquatic animals as they swim by! When you want to seal the window off to block water out on longer rides, the included cover easily and securely attaches in place. This board is also designed with ease of use at the forefront. This board is categorized as a tour SUP, making it best for longer rides on flat water.

Durable Construction:
This SUP is constructed with drop stitch material, which provides exceptional strength and rigidity, similar to a hard-sided board, while still keeping it lightweight, portable and easy to store.

The included aluminum paddle adjusts in length for the perfect size for every rider. The board also features a non-slip traction pad, designed to help keep you balanced and stable as you paddle along, and a convenient carry handle. The Panorama has a removable center fin, enabling directional stability as you maneuver the waters.

Simple Setup:
Simply inflate it with the included hand pump and you are ready for a remarkable day on the water! And when you are done with the SUP, the air valve allows you to quickly deflate the board in no time. Simply roll the Panorama back up, store it in the included backpack and be on your way.


Size Length (cm/inch) Width (cm/inch) Height (cm/inch)
Deflated 338.000 / 133.070 87.000 / 34.250 /
Inflated 340.000 / 133.860 89.000 / 35.040 15.000 / 5.910

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